Uchiha Sasuke (sexgoduchiha) wrote,
Uchiha Sasuke

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Ba ba da da~
I really dont have much to saaaaay. I am a little lonely, and a lonely Sasuke tends to do rational things. A lonely Sasuke at 5:21 AM does impulsive, rational things.

Nii-san, Im coming over. We can play dress up. I'm really bored, so expect me to come in most likely through your bedroom window. And Ill be lonely and vunerable so feel free to grab me and throw me down onto your bed and touch me all over. 3: Pleassse. PLEASE.

On a completely useless note, I cant stop listening to this song. It doesnt do well for my emo-attude-utation. I dont even have a girlfriend. Ew. Girls. Gross.

I love my nii-san.
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